Thank God It’s Monday! Everybody is a ‘well digger’…
February 12th, 2015
By Ps Paul Bartlett

What if we decided that instead of having just one big well on Sundays, that everybody has the opportunity to go and dig their own wells during the week? In other words, what if we focused more on empowering our people to go out into the local community during the week to dig their own smaller wells in their workplaces, schools, universities, homes, and so on. What if we didn’t get spiritual only on Sundays, but we all went out and did what we naturally do Mondays to Saturdays under the anointing of the Holy Spirit? So when we have conversations with colleagues at work on Monday, we intentionally provide them with an opportunity to drink from our individual well.

What if we all were to become well-diggers in our community? So rather than relying heavily on having the big, deep well on Sundays and trying to get people in the community to come to that well, what if we empowered everybody in church to become well-diggers themselves? I think more people would begin to drink from these spiritual wells out there than from the one big well on Sundays. I think we would see people who don’t normally turn up at the one big well turn up at the smaller, individual wells. Many people who have never come to drink before would end up quenching their thirst through those individual watering holes out there in the community. They would experience something amazing and supernatural through those individual, private, intimate experiences with Christians from Monday to Saturday.

This would break the normal cycle we go through—earning an income Monday to Saturday, coming to church on Sunday, giving our tithe, then going home thinking that’s our contribution done for the week. We tend to think that that’s the end of our weekly contribution to bringing the Kingdom to this earth. But what if we began to recognise that where we find ourselves most of the time—Mondays to Saturdays—is where we’re called to dig a well that produces living water. People who may never come to a Sunday church service can find themselves coming across our path during the ordinary week and having the opportunity of drinking supernatural living water from the wells we dig. People in the community will be able to interact with us, buying our products, paying for our advice, sitting in our classrooms, drinking coffee at our cafes… and coming to our church services.