Churches follow the law of the few
December 29th, 2015
By Paul Bartlett

If you’re a pastor or leader in a church, you too may have tended to make use of this “law of the few.” For instance, for so many years we have allowed ourselves to believe that all we need are two, three, or four prominent people within our church who we can support and enable to do the work of transformation and influence in our communities and cities. These are people who in the natural world have what it takes to influence others for good. They may be socially gifted or they may display leadership abilities that have been demonstrated in the workplace or in Bible College or in the life of the church. So it makes sense to pick these people and give them responsibility to help us in our community transformation projects. In fact, pastors fall into this category. Pastors are seen as one of the “chosen few” to go out and change our community.

But here’s my challenge: I don’t believe Jesus did it that way. He rarely chose the natural influencers in his environment to help Him in His work. Jesus preferred to use ordinary people – people who never thought they could do much. Rather than choose prominent, confident, skilled men and women, He chose instead to work with the flawed and ignored people pm the fringe of influence rather than at the centre of influence. He did that because He was committed to doing something great with what we think is ordinary. As leaders, I think we can learn from that. So I want to challenge you that there is another way to see transformation unfold in your community.