Care In Disaster

‘Care in disasters’ – Ps Karyn Ey – ACC International Relief Disaster Relief Coordinator

Providing Care in your community can and will look different for every church.
Along side Care that your church may provide on a weekly, or ongoing basis, there is also an opportunity to provide Care to your community during a disaster or emergency. Caring for you community and those affected by the crisis is a great way to reach out and serve those in your area. Often community members that have had nothing to do with your church, will accept help during a crisis. This is a great opportunity for the church to step up and serve selflessly those around them.

Caring for your community during an emergency will always look different. The most important thing to do however is to work in with local agencies that are coordinating relief efforts to make sure what you do ties in with the bigger picture.

  • You can offer to provide bottled water or food to people affected by the emergency or volunteers who are working to assist.
  • You can offer for coordinating agencies to use your church if they need for either an evacuation center or to run their relief efforts.
  • You can offer to assist emergency service agencies with visiting people that may have been affected.
  • You can offer to provide volunteers to assist relief efforts (if your volunteers have been police checked etc this is a very helpful form of assistance).
  • You can offer your services as a Pastor to visit those who have been bereaved and to hold funerals at your church.

The best thing you can do for your church, if you’d like to respond and help if a disaster was to happen in your community – is to go and meet with your local council and government agencies BEFORE an emergency happens. Waiting until disaster strikes is often too late as processes and procedures are already in place. If you make yourself know before something happens, they are much more likely to use you and your church and incorporate you into the official disaster relief plan for the area.

We have seen many times around Australia churches reaching out and serving their communities during times of disaster. With disaster instances increasing each year in Australia, it is a great opportunity for the church to mobilize and help people when they are at their time of greatest need.

ACC International Relief runs training for ACC churches around Australia to help them prepare before a disaster occurs in their area – should you require any information please email: